Information Security Policy

We have an obligation to continue to be a company trusted by customers which provides secure and safe services. As a responsible leader of comprehensive medical services, we shall contribute to the establishment of a wholesome society by providing information security in accordance with the following principles:

  1. 1.Deeply recognizing the importance of information security in comprehensive medical services, we shall endeavor to construct secure and safe information system environments and work towards ensuring information security.
  2. 2.We recognize that protecting information is fundamental to corporate activities and an important social responsibility as an enterprise. All of the officials and employees in the group companies shall not only accept obligations of confidentiality but also comply with related laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law.
  3. 3.We shall implement strict security measures from physical and system aspects to prevent unauthorized access of information as well as information loss, tampering and leakage by establishment of an information security management system. We shall also thoroughly make efforts required for intensive employee training, adequate supervision of outsourcing companies and protection of internal publications.
  4. 4.We shall draw up implementation procedures required for information security measures to ensure that information security measures defined in the Information Security Policy are implemented.