FALCO Code of Conduct

Earnestly striving to gain public trust and understanding

We, the FALCO Group, aim to generate profits through fair competitive practices and also recognize that we must play a useful role for society at large. Our corporate purpose has been to “contribute to society through comprehensive medical services.” To enable all our employees to accomplish this vision, we have defined the FALCO code of conduct, based on the eight principles outlined below. This provides a specific basis to guide our activities, with the objective of respecting human rights globally; complying with relevant laws and ordinances, rules and the spirit of such regulations; and creating a corporate culture that wins public understanding of our role as a corporate citizen.

1. Gaining public understanding

We maintain good levels of communication with our various stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, investors, business partners, and local communities. We actively disclose business information in an impartial manner, and ensure our business practices are transparent and reasonable.

2. Acting as a good corporate citizen

We respect human rights as a good corporate citizen. We work to contribute to society and also support activities by our employees that contribute to society.

3. Gaining customer satisfaction

We work to gain customer understanding and satisfaction, and also endeavor to create value that provides social benefits.

4. Complying with laws and ordinances, and eliminating antisocial influences

We observe laws and ordinances, as well as the rules and protocols of society. We work to ensure our actions are in good faith, and compatible with social sensibilities. We completely oppose all antisocial influences that may threaten social order and safety. We are uncompromising in our efforts to achieve such goals across the entire company.

5. Environmentally friendly actions

We consider protecting the environment to be a key business issue and endeavor to exist in harmony with the environment in all our business activities, including programs to promote energy savings, reduce waste products, and promote recycling.

6. Prioritizing fairness and trust

We engage in proper business dealings based on free, fair, and transparent market competition, and we carry out management and business activities that prioritize the need to achieve public trust.

7. Respecting employees' rights and maximizing their skills

We respect our employees' personalities, individuality, and lifestyles, and we provide the environment and opportunities that allow our employees to make the most of their skills.

8. Executive and managerial duties and conduct

Our executive and managerial staff recognize their own role in implementing this code of conduct and, in order to take the initiative and set an appropriate example, they ensure that proper managerial guidance and internal systems are in place. We take clear personal responsibility if this code of conduct is breached, in terms of clarifying the causes and disclosing information, and we strive to put measures in place to prevent any such reoccurrence.