Environmental Policy

We also recognize a need for active involvement toward the environment as our important business challenge and positively work toward environmental preservation activities by formulating our environmental philosophy.

1. Basic Policy Related to Environmental Preservation

Well aware that protecting the environment is vital to the health and happiness of the human race, all of us at FALCO HOLDINGS strive to protect the environment.
Under the themes of “life” “health” and “the future” FALCO HOLDINGS works voluntarily, continuously and earnestly to contribute to society, respect life and preserve the environment.

2. Action Policy for Environmental Preservation

  1. 1.Reduce wastes.
  2. 2.Recycle.
  3. 3.Consider the environmental impact of our services.
  4. 4.Observe laws and regulations and industry rules on environmental protection.
  5. 5.Continuously improve environmental performance.
  6. 6.Raise employees environmental awareness and hold related training continuously.