Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

We have established the code of conduct shown below and comply with laws and other regulations with respect to personal information protection in order to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information in recognition of its importance.

Acquisition, use and provision

  1. 1.When acquiring personal information, we shall protect and manage it by taking appropriate safety management measures.
  2. 2.We shall acquire personal information in accordance with laws and use it only within the scope of the intended use.
  3. 3.We shall not disclose or provide collected personal information to a third party without justifiable reason or through agreement with the person in question.
  4. 4.When delegating collected personal information to an outsourcing company, we shall periodically audit the management conditions to responsibly ensure that personal information is managed appropriately.

Compliance with laws and regulations

  1. 5.Collected personal information shall be disclosed, corrected or cease to be used in accordance with laws at the request of the person in question.

Prevention of risks such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage

  1. 6.For collected personal information, we shall ensure the internal system for responsibility and take necessary and appropriate preventive action to prevent risks such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage.

Complaint and consultation desk

  1. 7.We shall install a desk to respond to complaints and to offer consultation.

Continuous improvement

  1. 8.We shall continuously enlighten our employees about their awareness of protecting personal information through education and training to ensure its adequate protection.