Management philosophy

Corporate message: Closer to people, closer to the future

Corporate slogan: Supporting health in body and mind, for a rewarding future for all

We have a mission of contribution to society.

We will contribute to "Health science" which enriches people's lives.

To know the preciousness of life and consider health of humans from a scientific aspect - this is our unwavering motto and objective. People are now pursuing health information in order to live more positively in prosperity. We believe that pursuing the potentials of "Health science" and realizing these is our mission to contribute to society rather than staying content with the clinical testing field.

We have a mission of corporate development.

We will create powerful corporate vitality to soar toward the future.

Continued existence and development of the company are missions of management toward employees and contribution to society is also achieved by this mission. For this reason, we will grow powerful corporate vitality and human resources which can endure drastically changing social environments. The basis is a flexible attitude responding to customer needs. We will thoroughly read customer requirements, look forward, and always innovate ourselves.

We have a mission to respect humans.

We will grow a corporate culture in which "Motivation in life" and "Job satisfaction" exist.

There should be the objective of corporation as an extension of an individual person's purpose in life, and there should be an objective of society as an extension of corporate objective. The importance is individual will "to want to live life fully." A corporation in which development of corporate business is consistent with advancement in personal quality and humanity of employees, and a corporate culture to make use of individual creative efforts and enthusiasm mutually. We will aim for such a warm human group.