Group Business

Clinical Testing Service

FALCO biosystems provides various services based on clinical testing services.

Clinical testing, which is currently essential in medical care, has made huge strides through technological innovation of test methods and analytical equipment as well as medical development. Clinical testing services, which is a key business of the FALCO Group, not only reports test results but also supports the fields of genetic testing, clinical research and clinical trials, medical information technology, food hygiene and environmental inspection as a navigator in the age of preventive medicine and individual made-to-order medications. We are intent on continually improving our services, as a company that can meet various needs and is community-based and considers the environment.

  • Genetic tests
    We extract DNA from the cell nuclei, analyze the nucleotide sequences, and investigate any changes in the target gene, such as mutations or deletions.
  • Biochemistry
    These tests mainly include examination of liver function, kidney function, and sugar and lipid metabolism, along with the quantitative analysis of the components of, and their activities in, blood and urine samples. This is the most automated and advanced testing field.
  • Hamatology
    Blood samples are tested for anemia and blood diseases using techniques such as blood cell figures and leukocyte analysis.
  • Pathology
    Using tissue and cell samples, tests search for the presence of cancer cells and determine whether tumors are benign or malignant.
  • Immunology
    The antigen-antibody reaction tests for viral or bacterial infectious disease pathogens and for autoimmune diseases.
  • Microbiology
    The type of pathogen in infectious diseases is identified through smear microscopy, culture identification, drug sensitivity tests, and other techniques.
  • Radio immunoassay
    Radioisotopes are used to measure minute quantities of substances in solution, including hormones, antigens, and antibodies.