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Operations of FALCO HOLDINGS mainly include a clinical testing service, dispensing pharmacy service. FALCO HOLDINGS is also focusing on services such as genetic testing, clinical trials, medical information systems development, food sanitation and environmental testing, and is promoting each service so as to grow them as our core businesses. We are also working on establishing a solid business structure and revenue base which can respond to any circumstance. The entire group aims to be a comprehensive medical service company, and has the objective "to protect health and "life" of people through comprehensive medical services and contribute to the creation of a secure and safe life." Our management policy includes the three basics of "Fast," "Accurate" and "Confidence" which mean our company name, and our management philosophy comprise the three missions listed of "Contribution to society," "Business development" and "Human dignity," and we set these as the basis of management.

The management environment surrounding medical services is evolving, however, we will focus on "Human," "Health," "Future," "Creation" and "Honesty" as the employee's conduct standard so as to meet various needs required for comprehensive medical services and gain confidence from our stakeholders, and define our responsibilities and actions towards "Customers," "Employees," "Suppliers," "Stakeholders" and "Society" as responsibilities and actions towards our partners. We will make efforts on daily business activities based on these as corporate activities. In particular, all of the operations for comprehensive medical services are important jobs to connect to "Humans," so we are always aware of "Human" on a regular basis.

Our company name, FALCO was taken from an acronym of "Fast and Accurate Laboratories with Confidence. (Fast, Accuracy, Confidence)" and clearly expresses the responsibility and attitude of the company towards society.

June 23, 2017
President: Tadashi Yasuda