Group Business

Information Technology

Supporting the medical front with strength throughIT services that offer a personable feeling.

By implementing various IT services,we support medical care comprehensively.

IT is likely to be regarded as mechanical. The role of IT is to support patients from behind the scenes so that they can receive medical treatment with a sense of security by incorporating a more relaxed atmosphere into medical care. We are pursuing such IT services.

Medical Information Services

Portal site for comprehensive medical services

If IT can be utilized efficiently, a more relaxed atmosphere can be created in medical fields allowing higher-quality medical services to be realized.

We FALCO Group, as the medical field to serve you, we offer an ASP service that can reduce deployment costs and maintenance costs, etc..

Providing various services from medical care to routine work management via the Internet, we support next-generation medical management.

Electronic Medical Charts

Promoting “sophistication of local medical services” by medical information systems

We develop and sell various medical information systems that respond to requests from the medical field such as “@home Dr.,” electronic medical charts for clinics with concentrated clinical testing know-how, and “TASCAL for ASP,” a medical support system. The introduction of “JMA standard receipt software (ORCA)” developed by the Japan Medical Association is supported as well as software support. We also propose high informatization of local medical services and the rationalization and increasing efficiency of medical management.